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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - More on: "Lobbyists' protests shouldn't sink nursing home bill"

Updating this ILB post from yesterday, J.K. Wall has a lengthy IBJ story, dated Dec. 29, titled "Study: Nursing home building boom is costing state millions." Some quotes:

[T]he 27 new nursing homes that opened or began construction in 2014, plus another 10 expected in the next year or so, will cost the state $24 million in additional payments from the Medicaid program, according to Myers & Stauffer’s analysis.

Expect to hear that number repeatedly, starting Jan. 6, as the Indiana General Assembly reconvenes for its 2015 session.

The nursing home industry will once again be pushing for a moratorium on construction of new skilled-nursing facilities. Opposing them will be the construction industry and the rebels of the nursing home industry: Carmel-based Mainstreet, Louisville-based Trilogy Health Services, and Des Moines-based Life Care Services.

During last year’s debate, advocates of the moratorium argued that the recent building boom was costing the state money. But they couldn’t quote a precise figure.

Having one will be important, said Sen. Pat Miller, R-Indianapolis, who will propose a three-year moratorium on nursing home construction. That’s because every extra dollar spent on nursing home facilities is a dollar the state cannot spend on home and community-based care for the elderly, she said.

Nearly everyone prefers to remain at home, rather than a nursing home, as long as they possibly can. But Indiana lags most other states in the proportion of Medicaid spending that actually goes to community- and home-based care.

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