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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Public Access Counselor to City Council: Be careful when calling caucuses" [Updated]

That is the headline to this Dec. 14th story in the Evansville Courier & Press by John Martin. ILB readers don't learn much news out of Evansville anymore because the C&P is behind a total paywall. The snippit which is available reads:

EVANSVILLE - The Indiana Public Access Counselor — responding to a complaint filed by the Courier & Press about a recent closed caucus involving Democrats on the Evansville City Council — implored the City Council to be more judicious when calling caucuses in the future.
The ILB has been able to locate the Nov. 21st PAC opinion - Re: Formal Complaint 14-FC-254; Alleged Violation(s) of the Open Door Law by Evansville City Council. The opinion reiterates that official action may not take place in a caucus. A quote from the ruling:
I often counsel governing bodies that caucuses are a slippery slope. While they may be necessary at times to truly discuss political strategy, they should be used judiciously. The frequency of caucuses will naturally differ from entity to entity, however, any closed door meetings are treated with scrutiny and rightfully so. Mr. Danks specifically references the appearance of impropriety. This should not be taken lightly.
[Updated 12-16-14] Today the Indiana Economic Digest has posted the full C&P article published yesterday.

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