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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ind. Courts - "A Reminder from the Seventh Circuit To Proofread the Form of the Judgment"

That's the heading of this Jan. 28th post at the Wisconsin Appellate Law Blog that begins:

The Seventh Circuit’s docket appears to be rife with cases involving little errors that turn out to have not-so-little effects. Last month we wrote about the perils of typos in security agreements; this month the Seventh Circuit issued an opinion that serves as a good reminder that parties must look carefully at the form of the judgment entered by the district court. Article III insulates the judicial branch from the “diminish[ment]” of judges’ “compensation . . . during their continuance in office”; but, alas, it does nothing to insulate the third branch from the sort of typographical errors that plague the rest of us mere mortals—a fact to which the district judge in Dual-Temp of Illinois, Inc. v. Hench Control, Inc., Nos. 14-3393 & 14-3394 (7th Cir. Jan. 23, 2015), now can attest.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on January 29, 2015 09:50 AM
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