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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - Bill to raise service of process fees now on 3rd reading in Senate

In a long Washington Ind. Times-Herald story from Jan. 16th, Mike Grant reported:

Daviess County Sheriff Jerry Harbstreit is beginning his fourth term as the county's top cop and most of his energy during that time behind the badge has been about enforcing the law. Now, with Harbstreit also serving as President of the Indiana Sheriff's Association he is also putting his voice to testimony before the Indiana legislature that most likely will change some of those laws.

Earlier this week he went before an Indiana Senate Committee looking to change the money sheriff's departments get paid for the delivery of legal papers. "This law was last changed in 2006," said Harbstreit. "Then it raised the service fee from $12 to $13. The bill before the Senate now would raise that amount to $25. When you consider that many surrounding states charge up to $60 this proposal is reasonable."

Harbstreit was testifying as President of the Sheriff's Association. He points out that the Indiana Association of Counties is also supporting the bill that will put an additional $2.4 million into county general funds around the state. The bill, sponsored by Senator Phil Boots of Crawfordsville, was approved in committee by a 7-2 vote and will return to the full Senate for second reading.

The paper service bill is part of a much larger agenda the Indiana Sheriff's Association is trying to move through the General Assembly during this session.

The bill, SB 217, is now on third reading in the Senate. From the digest:
Requires a sheriff to collect a service of process fee of $25 instead of $13 from a party requesting service of a writ, an order, a process, a notice, a tax warrant, or any other paper completed by the sheriff. Provides that a sheriff may collect an additional fee for post-judgment service.

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