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Monday, February 02, 2015

Ind. Decisions - "Court rules against DNR in high-fence hunting fight" [Updated]

Here is Indianapolis Star reporter Ryan Sabalow's first take on the Court of Appeals opinion today in the Whitetail Bluff case. The ILB summary of the ruling from earlier today is here.

Here is the 2-page trial court opinion, from Harrison County, issued Sept. 27, 2013. The gist:

The deer purchased by Whitetail Bluff and offspring thereof, are privately owned and are not the property of the people of the State of Indiana. Therefore the animals are not subject to regulation by DNR by virtue of the provisions of IC 14-22-1-1. DNR's actions seeking to regulate Whitetail Bluff's guided hunting activities constitute an improper exercise by an executive agency of the authority of the Indiana legislature contrary to Indiana Constitution Article 3, Section 1.
This April 2, 2014 ILB post is headed "Deer as livestock? What other farmer lets people pay to shoot his livestock for trophies?"

[Updated 2/3/15] Here is Niki Kelly's coverage in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

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