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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - More on: Pence rationale for abolishing State Library Genealogy Department

In an updated post this afternoon the ILB quoted the recommendation of the Office of Management and Budget re the "Genealogy Collection Program (Indiana State Library)":

This program provides services that could be provided by private organizations. As a cost savings measure, the Collection should be digitized through a private genealogy provider who will pay the State a royalty for its use. Potential annual general fund savings: $400,000.
The ILB followed this with a quote from an Oct. 23, 2014 governor's news release headed: "Governor Pence Announces State Partnership with Ancestry.com: Will Digitize 13 Million Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates by 2016 Bicentennial."

The ILB has now been able to locate a copy of the contract - you can access the entire 18-page document between the State Commission on Public Records and Ancestry.com via the IDOA site here.

The guts of the contract starts with Attachment 1, on p. 13 of the PDF. The ILB has OCRed and uploaded this part of the agreement (the pages of which will be referenced as 1-6).

Appendix A on p. 4 lists the records covered by the agreement. Page 6 (Exhibit B) is the Royalty Calculation, with #2 explaining how any royalty the State will receive for these records is to be calculated. There is no minimum guarantee.

Ancestry agrees on p. 2 to:

Provide free access for up to twenty (20) simultaneous users to its Ancestry.com website, Institutional Edition, which will include the Licensed Materials when available, on location at the State's facilities to include the Indiana Department of Health's Vital Records Division and the Indiana Commission on Public Records' State Archives Division for authorized users, upon signature of this Agreement. * * *

Provide The State with up to two (2) copies of the Licensed Materials within thirty days of the publishing of the Licensed Materials to the Ancestry Network; provided that the State's use is subject to the restrictions stated below;

Allow the State to charge for individual copies of the records provided by Ancestry; provide free access onsite to the records; and to otherwise use the Ancestry created Licensed Materials to serve patrons and fulfill its mission; and after a three year moratorium, the State shall have the authority to provide access on-line to the records provided by Ancestry. [ILB emphasis]

BTW, the ILB has learned from a reader that her individual subscription to Ancestry.com is $189 a year.

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