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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ind. Courts - Judicial Technology Oversight Committee (JTOC) meeting tomorrow at 1:30

The Judicial Technology Oversight Committee was created by a 2013 authorizing statute found at IC 33-23-17. The prestigious 11-member commission, whose membership is set by the statute (it includes members of the general assembly, judges and others) has the following responsibilities:

(1) Conduct a continuous study of information technology
applications for Indiana's judicial system, including an analysis
of appropriate and equitable funding, automated recordkeeping
fees and record perpetuation costs, and their allocation between
state and local governmental entities.
(2) Develop a long range strategy for technology and
automation in Indiana's judicial system, including:
(A) establishing plans for funding and implementing
technology and automation;
(B) making recommendations to the division of state court
administration for the establishment of a pilot program
concerning electronic filing;
(C) allowing public court records to be available on the
(D) studying the appropriate use of private sector vendors
that offer similar interfacing or complementary systems; and
(E) studying any other issues the committee considers
(3) Make recommendations to the supreme court concerning the
implementation of policies, standards, and rules that promote
the effective use of technology and automation in Indiana
(b) The committee may employ an independent consultant to
assist with its study.
The Judicial Technology Oversight Committee is meeting tomorrow at 1:30. The ILB has seen a copy of the agenda, but has not seen the meeting posted anywhere. The location is the Govt Center, Conference Room A.

Here are the agenda items from the copy I saw:

No minutes or reports of the JTOC have ever been made public, to the ILB's knowledge. There does not appear to have been a meeting since June 23, 2014.

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