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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - Still more on: Changes to limit public access to records law buried within massive "Education deregulation" package

Updating this ILB post from earlier today, Lauryn Schroeder of the AP reports in a story headed "Search fee for records to be removed from bill":

INDIANAPOLIS - Lawmakers say a provision that would allow government entities to charge a searching fee for records requests that take longer than two hours to fulfill will be removed from a proposal.

House Education Committee members heard testimony Tuesday about a bill that aims to aims to simplify school management by cutting obsolete and duplicate rules in education.

The current version would also change how public records are handled by all types of Indiana agencies, not just schools, sparking mixed reviews from open-records advocates.

Bill sponsor Rep. Tony Cook, a Cicero Republican, says he plans to remove the $20 search fee and all other changes to the Public Record Act in a future amendment.

Good news! As the ILB wrote earlier:
The language changing the public records law has been in the bill since introduction, a bill which the synopsis labels "Education deregulation." The changes to the public records law, however, would apply across-the-board, and this inclusion in a law otherwise dealing with education might be called log-rolling by some.

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