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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ind. Courts - Supreme Court grants emergency relief for Monroe County Courthouse closing

The Supreme Court has granted a petition for emergency relief for the Monroe Circuit Court. The order, filed at 3 PM this afternoon, reads in part:

[A]n extensive plumbing back-up has created a health emergency, involving black water, noxious odors, bacteria and a power outage, necessitating the closing of the courthouse and the Monroe Circuit Court beginning April 21. The petition seeks emergency relief permitting the Court and clerk to close until April 26. The petition states that clean up and repairs will be facilitated by the absence of court and clerk personnel from the building. As of the filing of the petition, the judges believe the building will be safe for occupancy on April 26. The petition further states that the Monroe Circuit Court Clerk Office will be open on a limited basis for filing emergency petitions and that a duty judge will be available for emergency matters. * * *

This Court authorizes the tolling, from 8:30 a.m. April 21, 2015 until 8:30 a.m. April 26, 2015, of all laws, rules and procedures setting time limits for speedy trials in criminal and juvenile proceedings, public health, mental health, and appellate matters; all judgments, support and other orders; and all other civil and criminal matters before the Monroe Circuit Court. In addition, no interest shall be due or charged during this tolled period of time. * * *

Petitioners shall assure during the period the Monroe Circuit Court is closed that appropriate records are maintained of any proceedings, filings and orders and shall cause this information to be entered in the Chronological Case Summary and Record of Judgments and Orders as soon as they are operational.

[More] A check of the $$$ Bloomington Herald-Times shows Abby Tonsing reporting at noon today under the headline "Justice building offices, Monroe County courts closed again today." Details:
Offices and courtrooms in the Charlotte Zietlow Justice Center will be closed to the public again Wednesday as cleanup of a weekend plumbing backup continues.

On Tuesday, a building hygienist from Indianapolis tested carpet, drywall and the air quality of the justice building for problems.

“We do not believe there’s an issue, but we want to be thorough,” county facilities manager David Gardner said Tuesday evening at the Justice Center. He anticipated the building would reopen on Thursday if the hygienist discovered no problems.

An estimated 15 to 20 pounds of food put through the jail kitchen’s garbage disposal overflowed a sewer pipe, causing graywater —wastewater that has not come into contact with fecal matter — to flood second-level offices and hallways Sunday night. The offices of Judges Ken Todd and Mary Ellen Diekhoff, courtroom 205 and a few hallways sustained the brunt of the damage, Gardner said. * * *

Large fans have been used to remove moisture, and professional cleaners have been using chemical-free anti-microbial products to clean, Gardner said.

While sections of the justice building did not stink Tuesday evening, the fragrance of the anti-microbial cleaning products was strong. * * *

Monroe County Circuit Court offices and courtrooms, the Monroe County Clerk’s Office and the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office will all be closed Wednesday.

The child support division of the prosecutor’s office and the adult protective services department will still report to work Wednesday, as those workers are not housed at the justice building.

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