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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ind. Decisions - 7th Circuit posts one, decided March. 31st

In U.S.A. v. Miller (SD Ind., Pratt), a 20-page opinion, Judge Tinder writes:

Joshua Bowser, Christian Miller, and Frank Jordan were convicted as part of a large-scale prosecution of people associated with the Indianapolis Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. For those not familiar with the Club, it was founded in 1935 in the Chicagoland area as group of motorcycle enthusiasts, and its website now boasts chapters all over the world. See Outlaws History, http://www.outlawsmcworld.com/history.htm (last visited Mar. 23, 2015). The Club, or at least some of its members, have had a spotty history of compliance with criminal laws. See Outlaws Motorcycle Club, Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlaws_Motorcycle_Club (last visited Mar. 23, 2015). On appeal, the defendants challenge various aspects of their convictions and sentences. We remand in regard to a single issue related to a condition of Bowser’s supervised release, a point on which the government confesses error. In all other respects, we affirm. * * *

Accordingly, the judgments against Jordan, Miller, and Bowser are AFFIRMED, with the exception that Bowser’s case is REMANDED to the district court for further consideration of the term of his supervised release authorizing suspicionless searches.

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