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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "Indy senator who co-authored RFRA faces challenge in 2016"

The IBJ is reporting, in a story by Kathleen McLaughlin:

Of the three senators who authored Indiana’s religious freedom act, Indianapolis Republican Scott Schneider could be the most vulnerable in 2016.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats alike are gunning for Schneider’s seat, which he hung onto in 2012 with less than 50 percent of the vote.

“If I were him, I wouldn’t even run. He’s definitely going to be challenged,” said Megan Robertson, a Republican campaign consultant and past coordinator of the Freedom Indiana campaign. * * *

Schneider’s 2012 opponent, Democrat Tim DeLaney, said he’s seriously considering another run. “The district is a well-educated, high-turnout district that wants people focused on what’s important.”

A story March 31st in the IndyStar, by Jeff Swiatek, was headed "RFRA opponents urge boycott of legislator's ice business," and included:
Opponents of the Indiana 'religious freedom' act want to hit one of its chief legislative authors, state Sen. Scott Schneider, in the pocketbook. They've launched a boycott of his family's business, Mister Ice Indianapolis, one of the largest suppliers of ice machines in Central Indiana.

The 50-year-old ice machine distributor is owned by the family of Schneider, an Indianapolis Republican. He's one of the prime authors of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act measure that's come under withering public attack since Gov. Mike Pence signed it into law last week.

RFRA opponents are calling for a boycott of Mister Ice, using Facebook posts and other ways to spread the word. Several restaurateurs — their number is unknown — have joined the boycott and notified Mister Ice they will drop their ice machine leases or maintenance contracts. They include the 11-restaurant group Patachou Inc. and Some Guys Pizza, which has two stores, in Carmel and on Indianapolis' Northside.

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