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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ind. Courts - "Attorney Ken Nunn, former associate exchange lawsuits"

Laura Lane of the $$$ Bloominton Herald-Times reported this weekend on a dispute involving Bloomington attorney Ken Nunn and an attorney formerly with his firm. From the story:

Lawyers, accusations and money.

They are at the heart of lawsuits filed recently in Monroe Circuit Court in a dispute between high-profile personal injury lawyer Ken Nunn and attorney Jeffrey Jon Shaw, who until January had worked for Nunn.

Shaw says Nunn fired him without cause, stole his clients and refused to pay him. He accuses his former boss of slander, saying he made false statements to clients that damaged his reputation. “He knew such statements were false or reckless without knowledge of its truth or falsity,” Shaw’s lawsuit states.

Nunn, who started his practice in Bloomington in 1967, counters that Shaw’s allegations are untrue, the words of a disgruntled employee.

“Mr. Shaw has left out important facts and has left out important law in his untrue accusations,” Nunn wrote in a statement in response to Shaw’s lawsuit against him, which was filed on Wednesday. “I have done nothing wrong. My law office has done nothing wrong. I am offended that these untrue allegations have been made against me.”

The two former colleagues now will argue it out in court before Judge Frances Hill.

In March, Nunn and the Ken Nunn Law Office filed a court action asking that any money awarded from the settlement of a case the Nunn law firm took on, and that was assigned to Shaw, be held by the county clerk’s office until the lawyers reached an agreement about how the money would be divided.

The case involves Michael Bean’s claim for damages from an injury resulting from a March 13, 2013, fall in the parking lot at Wal-Mart in Bloomington. A week after the fall, Bean signed a fee agreement with the Ken Nunn Law Office stating he would pay his attorney one-third of any amount recovered in the case, plus the cost of expenses from evidence gathering.

Nunn’s firm filed a lawsuit on Bean’s behalf, seeking compensation for his injuries, on May 8, 2013. A jury trial to decide the matter is scheduled for January 2016.

Nunn fired Shaw Jan. 21. After that, Bean decided to keep Shaw as his lawyer. So Nunn filed his March lawsuit in order to protect his financial interests, claiming his firm is owed $9,705.45 in out-of-pocket expenses incurred before Shaw was terminated. Nunn also claims that under Indiana law, his firm is entitled to half of any future settlement or jury award from the case. * * *

Nunn’s firm employs about a dozen lawyers and another 60 staff members to help process the caseload. In 2011, the Ken Nunn Law Office reported having about 3,000 active cases. Nunn is high-profile, his face and phone number visible on billboards, buses and television ads.

In his lawsuit against Nunn, Shaw, hired by the firm in June 2012, said he was handling 80 to 90 personal injury cases when he was terminated “without warning or consultation.” He said he was the law firm’s top money-making attorney in 2014, bringing in more than $2.7 million. His lawsuit states that during his time at the Ken Nunn Law Office, he made about $4.5 million for the firm.

This appears to be the lawsuit, via MyCase - Ken Nunn, Ken Nunn Law Office vs. Jeffrey Jon Shaw, Michael Bean, Wal-mart Stores East, LPet al, 53C06-1503-CT-000536 and 53C06-1503-CT-000537.

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