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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Courts - "Illinois high court: Comcast must reveal anonymous commenter"; Indiana parallels

The AP is reporting that:

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. | The Illinois Supreme Court has affirmed a lower court opinion ordering Comcast Cable Communications to identify a subscriber who posted an anonymous message suggesting a political candidate molests children.

The court said Thursday that the internet service provider must identify the subscriber who commented on a 2011 article in the Freeport Journal Standard about Bill Hadley's candidacy for the Stephenson County board.

Here [h/t to Dan Carden] is today's 13-page Illinois Supreme Court decision in Hadley v. Subscriber Doe.

Readers may recall parallels to an Indiana case, Indiana Newspapers, Inc. v. Jeffrey M. Miller, et al. See this post from Sept. 27, 2013, and this later post from the same day, quoting an IndyStar story:

The Indiana Supreme Court has changed its mind and decided not to get involved in a long-running fight over whether The Indianapolis Star must reveal the identity of an anonymous commenter on the newspaper’s website.

The decision, handed down Friday, lets stand a Marion Superior Court judge’s ruling last year ordering The Star to provide the commenter’s identity.

The Supreme Court did not say why it changed its mind in taking up the case, just one day after hearing oral arguments in the matter.

The Indiana COA decision does not appear to be cited in today's Illinois Supreme Court opinion.

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