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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "Indiana governor candidates react to the ruling"; More

The NWI Times has compiled the four announced candidates responses yesterday to the SCOTUS same-sex marriage decision. They range from Gov. Pence's assertion that Indiana will obey the law, and Glenda Ritz's assertion that "we still have more work to do", to detailed plans set out by candidate John Gregg and Karen Tallian:

[More] See also this story from Brian Eason of the Indianapolis Star that begins:
Friday's Supreme Court ruling may have settled the legality of same-sex marriage in the United States, but in Indiana, the underlying fight is far from over.
And some quotes from this story by Joan Biskupic in Reuters that reports:
The U.S. Supreme Court's declaration on Friday of a right to same-sex marriage resolved a momentous question, yet the ruling left many others unanswered and is likely to spark future legal battles over gay rights.

In America, the right to marry represents only one piece in the evolving legal framework for gay civil rights.

Currently no constitutional principle or nationwide law broadly prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. So in the majority of states, for example, landlords can legally turn away renters because they are gay and employers can reject job applicants for their sexual orientation. * * *

Advocates on both sides said on Friday the ruling will likely spawn a new round of litigation in areas such as parental rights and spousal benefits, as well as religion.

Declaring a right to marry does not revolve all rights for gay couples and their families. State laws vary regarding adoption, for example, and in some states where gay marriage was already allowed, lesbian parents have sued to get both of their names, not only the birth mother’s, on the birth certificate.

Michigan, one of four states whose bans on gay marriage were challenged in Friday's case, earlier this month passed a law allowing private adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples on religious grounds.

Separate lawsuits are already pending in lower courts over the timing of spousal benefits in the workplace and whether court rulings on marriage rights can be applied retroactively.

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