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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ind. Decisions - More details on two recent disciplinary opinions

In the Matter of: Michael P. Krebes, summarized here on July 9th in the ILB, was the subject this long July 14th story in the Kokomo Tribune, reported by Mike Fletcher. Some quotes:

A Kokomo attorney who serves as a deputy prosecutor has been placed on two years of probation by the Indiana Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Commission for professional misconduct due to his former office manager’s alleged illegal actions.

Police arrested Lacee Garber, who served as Michael Krebes’ former legal secretary and office manager, last July on a warrant out of Howard Superior Court 2 for two counts of theft and one count of forgery alleging she mismanaged the deputy prosecutor’s private practice. * * *

The Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Commission found Krebes failed to supervise Garber and ensure his non-lawyer employee’s conduct was compatible with his professional obligations.

Krebes was disciplined for delegating the authority over attorney/client relationships and the collection of filing fees from clients to Garber.

Krebes took full responsibility and has made restitution payments of about $67,000 directly to the affected clients and about $36,000 to other attorneys who took over his clients.

The South Bend Tribune has a brief story today headed "State suspends South Bend lawyer for 3 years after drug conviction," on the disciplinary ruling in In the Matter of: Tenneil E. Selner, summarized in this July 9th ILB post.

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