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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "9 years after Bloomington Council OK'd urban chickens, inspections routine"

The ILB has followed the "urban chicken" movement in Indiana for years - here is a list of some of the posts.

Last week, Megan Banta of the $$ Bloomington Herald-Times took stock of how chickens within the Bloomington city limits are working out. Some quotes from a long story with many photos:

"Girls!" Trisha Gooch cries out as she rounds the corner of the house with animal control officer Jim Pritchard.

Not to her daughters, or dogs or cats, but to her three chickens.

Gooch has one of the city's 49 active urban chicken permits, and Pritchard is there conducting an inspection to renew the Smith Road resident's permit.

It's a process that's become fairly standard since the Bloomington City Council first passed an ordinance allowing chickens within city limits in 2006, following much discussion and the appearance of a city councilman in a chicken suit. Since then, there have only been a few changes to the ordinance: the removal of both a $25 fee and a previous requirement that people get approval from neighbors, and the addition of permission to slaughter one's urban chickens.

City code allows people to get a permit to have up to five hens, but no roosters, in residential estate, residential single family and residential core zoning districts, as long as they're in an enclosed structure for protection. In another vein of protection for the birds, the city Animal Control Commission has to review any applications from people who have been convicted of cruelty to animals.

People applying for permits or who need to renew their permits get a letter detailing what they need to do. Those requirements also are summed up in a checklist that Pritchard takes to every inspection.

You can find more about the Bloomington chicken story here, with a map and video.

The NWI Times reported on June 29th that the Griffith Town Council had passed an urban chicken ordinance; it appears to be somewhat more stringent than the current Bloomington requirements.

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