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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "Deer Preserve Owners Hope Herd Mentality Leads To Voluntary Permitting"

From Purdue's NPR station, WBAA, this new story. Some quotes:

With Indiana's Supreme Court bringing an end to a 10-year legal battle over high-fence hunting preserves, the deer farming industry is stepping in to try to set standards for itself.

Deer and elk farmers have formed the Indiana Deer Advisory Council, to recommend standards for deer treatment and how they are hunted.

Advisory council chairman Gary Jacobson says he believes getting the group’s seal of approval will be valuable enough to preserve owners that they’ll follow whatever rules IDAC sets. * * *

The council has no enforcement authority, but will issue its own seal of approval to preserves which adhere to good practices, in hopes of steering consumers there. Jacobson says there need to be standards to ensure the state's 400 or so deer farms still have an end market for their herds.

The ILB's most recent prior post was the must-read July 1st: "This is a disaster! Supreme Court fenced hunting decision leads to DNR deregulating possession of many wild animals."

The ILB has also obtained a news release titled "Indiana Deer Advisory Council to Validate Hunting Preserves," that begins:

INDIANAPOLIS (July 24, 2015) – The Indiana Deer and Elk Farmers Association (IDEFA) has announced the launch of the Indiana Deer Advisory Council (IDAC). One of the main purposes of IDAC is to create and oversee a validation program for hunting preserves and deer farms in Indiana. Similar to the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program, IDAC is an industry-driven program to ensure deer health is maintained to the highest standards and to validate legal hunting preserves in Indiana that follow IDAC ethical guidelines. IDAC will issue annual hunting validations to owners that apply and prove IDAC program requirements have been fulfilled.

“An IDAC validated hunting preserve will maintain certain requirements for safety, ethics, fair chase, and record keeping,” said Gary Jacobson, Chair of the IDAC. “Hunting preserves have been unfairly vilified and this is our opportunity to display that we are more than willing to operate in a safe, legal and ethical manner.”

IDAC will include members from the Indiana Board of Animal Health along with deer farmers, hunting preserve owners, and business leaders.

A recent ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court established a major step in protecting small business owners across the state involved in the deer industry. On Friday, June 8, 2015, a deadlocked Indiana Supreme Court declined to hear the state’s appeal of a ruling allowing hunting preserves to operate in the state. The result reaffirmed the Indiana Court of Appeals ruling this past February which held that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) overreached its constitutional authority and state law does not prohibit high-fence hunting nor does it allow DNR to regulate the practice.

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