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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "Dunes liquor license hearing Thursday at Expo Center"

Updating a long list of ILB posts, including this one from August 1st, headed "State Alcohol and Tobacco Commission offers direction on pavilion liquor license bid," Amy Lavalley of the Gary Post-Tribune reported yesterday in a story that begins:

Both sides will get to have their say during a hearing on whether Pavilion Partners should have a liquor license for the pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park in Chesterton.

The Porter County Alcoholic Beverage Commission meets at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Porter County Expo Center, 215 E. Division Road, Valparaiso, to consider Pavilion Partners' application.

The meeting is being held at the Expo Center to accommodate the large number of people the county board expects to attend the meeting, as recommended by the state's Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

More from the story:
A Post-Tribune investigation last month revealed Pavilion Partners officials were in contact with the DNR for more than a year before the DNR released a request for proposal to renovate the pavilion.

Pavilion Partners started a postcard campaign in favor of both the liquor license and the banquet center last month, printing 1,000 postcards for the county liquor board and another 1,000 for Gov. Mike Pence's office in support of the banquet center.

State officials have said the DNR could not afford to renovate the pavilion without the lease agreement with Pavilion Partners, and Pavilion Partners representatives have said a renovated pavilion and new banquet center will generate tourism dollars in the region.

Regardless of how the county board votes on the liquor license, the final decision rests with the state board. If the local board ties, as happened in June, the state board steps in and uses the local criteria to decide on the license, said David Cook, commissioner of the state board. * * *

Though the state board is meeting Tuesday, Cook doubts members will have time to review information from Thursday's hearing to make a decision. He expects a decision at their Oct. 6 meeting.

"I know everybody's anxious to get it resolved," he said.

Cook also expects that no matter what the state board decides, that decision will be appealed. Appeals go through a hearing before a judge who puts together the findings and presents them to the state board to adopt or reject. An appeal of that decision goes through the courts, he said.

ILB: Interestingly, a few miles east of the Dune State Park and National Lakeshore, a municipality has taken a different route, according to this story by Stan Maddux of the NWI Times, headed "New lakefront pavilion in Michigan City now open." A quote:
"The people of Michigan City are very lucky to have a building like this," said Moe Mroueh, the owner of the restaurant who pays rent for the space he operates to the Michigan City Parks Department.

The brick and glass exterior structure began going up in the spring with funding from the increase in property tax assessments from the hotel at Blue Casino, said Ken Behrendt, chairman of the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission.

The pavilion also contains an operations center for the police department to occupy during major lakefront events and a locker room for lifeguards.

There are also public restrooms and an elevated stage for concerts and other performances.

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