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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ind. Courts - "Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson takes stand again in own ethics hearing"

Here is the WDRB Louisville story on yesterday's hearing, with video. Some quotes:

Henderson’s colleagues and fellow Indiana prosecutors were first on the stand.

Melvin Wilhelm is Franklin County’s Prosecuting Attorney, and one of the most senior prosecutors in the state. He said Henderson is one of the most ethical prosecutors he knows.

On the other hand, Stacie Uliana, the defense attorney for David Camm -- a man who was twice convicted, and finally acquitted of the murders of his wife and children -- argued that Henderson caused irreparable harm to the justice system in Floyd County.

"The harm of having two interests: one, your personal interest and making money, and another, the interest of justice for representing the state and doing what’s right," Uliana said. "You can’t have them both."

Henderson himself took the stand Wednesday morning. He told the hearing officer that he was the son of immigrants – middle-class parents who struggled to send him and his siblings to private school. He said his father had only an eighth grade education, but was still, "the smartest person I knew."

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