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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Ind. Courts - "Former Lake Co. cop said he chopped up machine guns for illicit profit"

From the NWI Times yesterday, a long story by Bill Dolan that begins:

HAMMOND | A former county police officer and firearms enthusiast told a federal court jury Tuesday that the illicit gun trade going on in the Lake County Sheriff's Department bothered him.

But it wasn't because buying banned weapons under the pretense of using them for law enforcement and then chopping them up for resale on the Internet for private profit was a violation of his oath to uphold the law.

"I didn't like destroying perfectly good machine guns," Ronald Slusser testified Tuesday in the U.S. District Court trial of a Philadelphia gun dealer, pleading innocent to conspiracy to cover up machine gun law violations with a tissue of phony county government documents. * * *

Slusser, who was skilled at disassembling machine guns and selling them online, sometimes within hours of posting them on a firearms website, took advantage of a hot market for H and K gun barrels, which sold for double the retail price of the fully assembled guns.

However, he said they had to be wary of federal law restricting ownership of the automatic weapons to the military, law enforcement and certain gun dealers.

To make their trade appear legitimate, the machine guns were purchased in the name of the sheriff's department to skirt the ban. Joseph Kumstar, who was third highest ranking officer, had the authority to buy guns for the department and generate phony paperwork indicating the guns were purchased with public money for exclusive law enforcement use.

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