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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ind. Courts - More on "Supreme Court orders Zionsville and Whitestown to work together on map"

Updating this ILB post from Nov. 6th, quoting from a story from the Zionsville Times Sentinel:

The Indiana Supreme Court Justices want a single, clear map of the reorganization area before determining if they will take the case between Zionsville and Whitestown.

Chief Justice Loretta Rush issued an order Thursday mandating the two sides “to work together to select a single map” that will show the borders of Zionsville, Whitestown, Perry Township, and the former Union and Eagle townships.

Now this Nov. 10th story in Current in Zionsville, by Ann Marie Shambaugh, reports:
Last month the Indiana Supreme Court asked Zionsville and Whitestown to “work together” to submit a single map to help the state’s highest court decide if it will accept jurisdiction on the towns’ boundary dispute.

The two sides were unable to do so.

Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush asked for a single map “that displays the common borders of Zionsville, Whitestown, Perry Township, and the former Union and Eagle Townships, and shows the major highways traversing the area.”

Both sides submitted their own maps after disagreeing on whether or not the court wanted a higher quality version of an existing map – which is what Whitestown submitted – or a new, simplified map, as Zionsville submitted.

The story includes photos of several maps, but it is unclear whether they are post-order submissions. But the story is headed "Zionsville, Whitestown send separate maps to Supreme Court after being asked to ‘work together.’"

Here is the case docket.

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