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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "Gay rights law? End the charade"

That is the heading to Dan Carpenter's article, posted late last evening at Indiana Forefront. It begins:

On the principle that anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well, the Indiana General Assembly needs to drop this idea of expanding the state’s civil rights statutes to include gender orientation.

As if any new evidence were needed, the bill unveiled on Organization Day this week established for a fact that our legislature — aka, the Indiana Republican Party — just has no knack for this human rights thing.

To make public, in 2015, a measure that offers more license to discriminate than minority protection, and voids genuine gay rights ordinances on the local level in the process, is to announce to the world that equality is a foreign concept and embarrassment is beyond your genetic capacity.

And Zack Ford of ThinkProgress, a national publication, takes the bill apart in this long article headed "Why Indiana Republicans’ LGBT Rights Bill Is Actually A ‘Road Map To Discrimination.’" A few quotes:
After last spring’s disastrous “religious liberty” legislation and months of chatter, Indiana Republicans have cooked up some new legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination. Unfortunately, a draft of the new bill reveals that it is designed to accomplish the complete opposite.

The bill, which will be known as Senate Bill 100, does add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the state’s nondiscrimination laws as it claims to. However, it expends far more words to limit the extent of those protections, making them all but worthless to most plaintiffs. Here are some of the many “religious liberty” compromises the bill demands:

The long article continues under five subheads:Worth reading.

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