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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Ind. Gov't. - "This Indianapolis man is not a criminal, but his record says otherwise"

Another good story from Jill Disis of the Indianapolis Star; the long, front-page story begins:

For nearly a decade, Wesley Taylor has been dogged by a checkered past.

The problem? It’s not his own.

What began after the Indianapolis man’s wallet was stolen in 2006 has evolved into a worst-case scenario of identity theft – one that experts say could happen to anyone, and is nearly impossible to fix. Although he’s tried to clear his name, Taylor says the record has followed him, preventing him from landing numerous jobs. His driver’s license was suspended. An application for a gun permit was denied.

Now, Taylor, 28, is suing the city of Indianapolis in federal court. He claims officials didn’t do enough to help him correct a record tarnished by another man he says stole his identity and passed himself off as Taylor while committing several misdemeanor crimes. That man is now sitting in a prison cell on a murder conviction.

“This is what you see on paper,” Taylor said. “You see me as a gun-toting, arrest-resisting murderer.”

The complaint alleges that, despite Taylor’s pleas with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Marion County court staff to remove his name from the other man’s cases, the criminal record stayed wrongfully associated with Taylor for years. That inaction, Taylor's complaint alleges, amounted to defamation.

Taylor said his message to Indianapolis is simple: “If somebody didn’t do something, just take it out of their name.”

Representatives from the city’s legal department declined to comment about Taylor’s case.

ILB: Here is the 6-page complaint, filed Sept. 2, 2015: Taylor v. Consolidated Gov't of Indianapolis and Marion County.

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