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Friday, January 22, 2016

Ind. Gov't. - Senate Judiciary Committee schedules for next week

Next week is the last week for bills to be heard in first house committee. In addition to its regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting, Senate Judiciary has also scheduled a meeting for Monday, Jan. 25th.

As indicated by the ILB in this Jan. 20th post, SB 152 (medical malpractice), which had been scheduled for hearing on the 20th, is now scheduled for Monday, Jan. 25th, upon adjournment.

Also scheduled for Monday is SB 1 (administrative law). Both bills are authored by the committee chair, Senator Steele.

A little more about SB 1, from the fiscal note:

It replaces administrative law judges (ALJ) and environmental law judges (ELJ) with an Administrative Court that conducts administrative hearings and other duties formerly conducted by ALJs and ELJs.

Judges: It provides that the Administrative Court consists of nine judges appointed by the Governor for terms of 5 years. The bill specifies that a person may serve not more than 10 years on the Administrative Court. The bill requires the Governor to appoint one of the nine Administrative Court judges to serve as Chief Judge of the Court.

Process: The bill provides that, when an action is filed with the Administrative Court, the Chief Judge assigns a panel of three of the nine judges to hear the action.

Appeal: It specifies that a: (1) decision of the Administrative Court that is not a judgment requiring or following a judicial review may be initially appealed to the Administrative Court; and (2) judgment or other decision of the Administrative Court that requires a formal judicial review may be appealed only to the appropriate circuit court or superior court.

Senate Judiciary will also meet on 9 AM on Wed., Jan. 27th. Among the bills currently scheduled are SB 66 ("civil rights") and SB 352 (Marion superior court).

[ILB - SEE this Jan. 9 IBJ article on the Marion County court issue.]

The meeting Wednesday has 6 bills scheduled at present, at least one of which, SB 66, may draw much testimony.

Additionally, be forwarned that it is not unheard of for the author of a bill to submit totally new language to the committee at the beginning of testimony, throwing some speakers who do not have access to the new language off-balance.

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