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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

About this Blog - ILB will go dark the end of March

The ILB's first post was March 16, 2003, so the publication will be ending after a little over 13 years, on March 31st.

During March, posts will be less frequent, but will continue to cover the Supreme Court vacancy and the daily opinions of the appellate courts. At the end of this month, the ILB, and all that it entails, including the archives, will go totally dark -- it is too expensive a proposition for one person to maintain going forward.

I have devoted much of each working day to the ILB, trying to gather in one place the legal news of the day, to place it in context, and, when I thought worthwhile, to raise issues. The ILB was aimed at our state's attorneys, government officials, and interested citizens, and I have taken my self-assigned responsibility seriously.

The ILB isn't replicated anywhere else. I have been told that "attorneys, judges, policy makers, and members of the media have come to rely on it, not just for one-stop shopping, but for some analysis and -- like the Drudge Report does for politics -- what the agenda-setting issues and items will be."

Interest in the ILB has been high, averaging about 4,000 hits a day during the work week. On occasion, the hits have been much higher, on Feb. 19th for instance, Day #3 of the 2016 Supreme Court interviews, they nearly topped 10,000. In 2015 the ILB had 933,037 hits.

I appreciate the individuals and entities who have proved financial support to the ILB in the past, and the devoted readers who have sent kind words.

I have enjoyed producing the ILB and would continue, except that the essential financial support simply isn't there. During the past year I have spent much time exploring options, with no result, so I must move on.

Thanks for reading over the years.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on March 1, 2016 01:30 PM
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