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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ind. Courts - "A Tribute to Justice Brent Dickson's Contributions to Indiana Constitutional Law"

Yesterday, IU-McKinney School of Law held a special program, "A Tribute to Justice Brent Dickson's Contributions to Indiana Constitutional Law." Here is the program.

Today, NPR WBAA has this worth-reading-in-full story on the event. It begins:

As Brent Dickson's 30-year tenure on the Indiana Supreme Court draws to a close, IUPUI's McKinney School of Law is looking at the precedents he leaves behind.

The former chief justice was a spectator as six attorneys and law professors dissected key rulings in civil, criminal, and constitutional law, from among the more than 700 majority opinions Dickson has authored.

Indianapolis attorney Maggie Smith says Dickson's opinions wrote the rulebook on wrongful death cases, from spelling out what losses could be compensated to allowing a wrongful death suit in the case of a man whose relatives linked his suicide to the injuries he sustained in the Speedway bomber case.

And Smith says Dickson’s opinions show a consistent preference to let juries decide factual disputes – he even went out of his way to scold his predecessors for a 1976 ruling suggesting juries would put a “thumb on the scale” to help people by awarding them damages.

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