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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ind. Gov't. - More on "Abortion restrictions based on fetal gender, disability advance to Gov"

Updating this ILB post from March 10th, Aric Chokey of the AP reported this weekend on the Journal Gazette in a story that begins:

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Gov. Mike Pence stressed his anti-abortion convictions Friday, leaving fellow conservatives with the distinct impression he will sign a measure making the state the second to ban abortion in cases when a fetus has a genetic abnormality, such as Down syndrome.
Mary Beth Schneider had a powerful March 10th column in Indiana Forefront, worth reading in full. It begins:
When I first began covering politics for The Indianapolis Star in 1991, there was an emotional battle underway to keep abortion out of a party platform: The Republican Party platform.

It was led mostly by strong-willed Republican women, many of whom called themselves pro-life but who saw a government dictate as conflicting with their belief in a small government that respects individual liberty.

Times have certainly changed. An anti-abortion stance has become synonymous with the GOP and the legislature — usually led by Republicans but also anti-abortion Democrats — has passed numerous restrictions on a woman’s ability to make the health care decisions she deems best for herself.

This week, the legislature added to those laws by passing House Bill 1337. It began as legislation regulating the disposal of a fetus. Thursday, the House voted 60-40 to adopt changes added in the Senate — changes which the House never held hearings on nor debated until that vote — which bar women from having an abortion for reasons of race, gender or disability. That includes severe disabilities which would be fatal to the infant after delivery.

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