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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ind. Courts - Some initial notes from Commercial Courts seminar this morning, including news of the Tax Court Task Force

Chief Justice Loretta Rush introduced the 3 hour CLE. She said the Supreme Court would be issuing the new commercial court rules this morning. (access the order here) She said that a Commercial Courts best practices handbook was to be expected by June 1, which is also when filings may begin in the new commercial courts.

The Chief Justice said that funding for law clerks for the new courts was not approved during the past General Assembly, but that the Court had managed to find funding of $3/4 million for the law clerks.

The Chief Justice's remarks about the reasons for the commercial court project echoed those of Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar last June: "Businesses locate in states where disputes are resolved with consistency and reliability. Establishing commercial courts promotes confidence and predictability—which helps ensure the competitiveness of Indiana's business environment."

Chief Justice Rush also mentioned that the report on the Indiana Tax Court would be coming out soon. The order creating the Tax Court Task Force was issued May 15, 2015, and concludes:

The Task Force shall provide a written report to this Court not later than May 1, 2016, and provide copies of its report to the Indiana Judicial Center and Indiana Legislative Council.

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