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Friday, July 08, 2016

Ind. Decisions - Illinois case, but of interest to toll road users

Jeffrey D. Cochran v. Illinois State Toll Highway involves an Ohio driver who used the Illinois Toll Road and was unfamiliar with the Illinois periodic toll system. Some quotes from p. 2:

Plaintiff, an Ohio resident, is accustomed to driving on Ohio’s tollways. He alleges that Ohio assesses a toll only when a driver exits a highway. Illinois’ toll system, however, functions differently, assessing periodic tolls as a driver continues on the highway. It also allows drivers to use electronic transponders which automatically charge motorists for tolls. This eliminates the need for drivers to stop at toll booths and allows them to pass through toll plazas at full speed. Thus, Illinois has two sets of lanes at each toll plaza: full‐speed lanes to the left for transponder users and lanes to the right for drivers who stop and pay cash to a toll booth attendant. The tollway has signs informing drivers that they are approaching a toll plaza and indicating which are transponder lanes and which are cash lanes. If a driver without a transponder uses a full‐speed transponder lane, the system records the fact that the driver failed to pay a toll.

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