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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ind. Decisions - More on "Wis. Supreme Court to Rule on Predictive Algorithms Used in Sentencing"

Joe Palazzolo of the WSJ Law Blog wrote late yesterday in a story headed "Court: Judges Can Consider Predictive Algorithms in Sentencing," updating his June 5th story, quoted here in the ILB. A few quotes from yesterday's long WSJ blog post:

Sentencing judges may take into account algorithms that score offenders based on their risk of committing future crimes, Wisconsin’s high court ruled on Wednesday.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a unanimous ruling, upheld a six-year prison sentence for 34-year-old Eric Loomis, who was deemed a high risk of re-offending by a popular tool known as COMPAS, a 137-question test that covers criminal and parole history, age, employment status, social life, education level, community ties, drug use and beliefs.

The judge who sentenced Mr. Loomis referenced his COMPAS score before issuing the punishment. * * *

Wednesday’s decision echoed a 2010 ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court holding that risk assessments “do not replace but may inform a trial court’s sentencing determinations.”

Here are the 2010 Indiana opinions.

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