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Friday, August 05, 2016

Ind. Courts - "Pregnant woman, 'mauled' by police K-9, sues IMPD"

Michael Anthony Adams has the story today in the Indianapolis Star. A few quotes:

Mara Mancini was seven months pregnant in July 2015 when an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department K-9 tore into her arm and thigh as the dog was chasing a suspect through her west-side neighborhood. * * *

Mancini's attorney, Jon Little, told IndyStar that Indiana has a law granting immunity for police dogs, and their handlers, in such incidents. According to Indiana law, a dog and its owner are exempt from the state's dog bite liability statute if the dog is owned by a government agency and the "dog is engaged in assisting the owner or the owner's agent in the performance of law enforcement or military duties."

"In Indiana, by law, and by previous precedent, police dogs can run amok without any form of redress for people," Little said. "That's why we're bringing a federal claim for deprivation of liberty for the time she was being mauled by the dog, the literal time she was being mauled by the dog.

"If this doesn't work, there is absolutely no way for her to sue, or anyone to sue, in Indiana when they are brutalized by a police dog."

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