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Monday, August 22, 2016

Ind. Courts - Nominations now open for the 2nd District attorney member of the Judicial Nominating Commission

Last week I, along with all the other members of the Indiana bar residing in the 2nd Judicial District who are in good standing, received this "Notice of Election" from the Clerk of the Indiana Courts.

Essentially it says that nominations are now open for the attorney member who will represent the 2nd District on the Judicial Nominating Commission [JNC]/Commission on Judicial Qualifications for the next three years. Nominations, including a petition signed by 30 attorneys who reside in the 2nd Judicial District, are due by Sept. 19, 2016.

The coming three years are especially important. At least one Supreme Court and probably two or more Court of Appeals vacancies are anticipated.

In addition, a vote on who will be the Chief Justice will occur near the end of the three years. See this Aug. 5, 2014 post by Prof. Schumm, headed "Choosing the Next Chief Justice of Indiana: This is Huge!"

Art. 7, Sec. 3 of the Indiana Constitution: "The Chief Justice of the State shall be selected by the judicial nominating commission from the members of the Supreme Court and he [sic.] shall retain that office for a period of five years, subject to reappointment in the same manner ..."

Here is a newly updated table of the attorney members of the JNC from 1972, when the Judiciary Law of 1972 took effect), to date. The shaded names are repeats (you cannot immediately succeed yourself). Much can be revealed by studying this table.

This post from Sept. 28, 2010 links to background on the JNC. Of particular interest is this Res Gestae article I wrote, "Analysis of another effort to alter the Indiana judicial selection and retention process," that appeared in the Mar. 2006 issue. It explains (p. 5) that originally the three attorney members of the Commission were elected for 6-year terms, and all three members' terms began on the same date. This changed by statute in 1986.

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