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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ind. Courts - "Trial today will untangle whether BMV owes more money"

Madeline Buckley of the Indianapolis Star reports this morning in a story that begins:

Almost three years after the Bureau of Motor Vehicles settled a class-action lawsuit for $30 million, the agency could be on the hook for more money as it goes to trial in a second lawsuit regarding inflated driving fees for Indiana residents.

The class-action lawsuit alleges that the BMV overcharged Hoosiers in its fees for a slew of licenses and titles offered by the agency, such as motor vehicle registrations, semitrailer registrations and personalized license plates. The previous class-action lawsuit solely dealt with fees associated with driver's licenses.

Marion Superior Court Judge John Hanley will hear the case Wednesday in what is expected to be a one-day bench trial.

The biggest contention of the lawsuit is how much money the BMV owes to Indiana drivers. Attorneys for the plaintiffs are arguing that the BMV overcharged residents by tens of millions of dollars.

The BMV, though, has countered that the amount is not that high, and that the agency actually undercharged customers in some cases.

The trial marks another step in the yearslong saga of problems for the BMV regarding overcharging drivers.

The most recent ILB post on this lawsuit was September 15th.

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