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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Ind. Gov't. - "Guilty plea doesn't bar candidate from running for school board"

That is the headline to this story by Kirsten Clark in the Indiana section of today's Louisville Courier Journal. A few quotes:

An incident in which school board candidate Teresa Bottorff-Perkins pleaded guilty to a felony shoplifting charge two years ago does not disqualify her from running for re-election in November, the Clark County Board of Elections determined Tuesday evening.

Greater Clark County School board challenger Kelli Datillo, who has previously expressed concerns about Bottorff-Perkins’ admission of guilt, requested the hearing to determine whether Indiana statute – a code barring convicted felons from seeking public office – would prevent the incumbent from running. [IC 3-8-1-5 is cited; sec. 5, which was last amended in 2014, begins on p. 4] * * *

The board in a 2-1 vote decided that Bottorff-Perkins, who has served on the school board for four years, would only be barred from running if she had been convicted of the felony, Popp said.

ILB: Here is an ILB post about a somewhat similar situation in 2012.

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