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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ind. Courts - Voting now open for the 2nd District attorney member of the Judicial Nominating Commission

Ballots were mailed out this weekend to the home address of those attorneys eligible to vote for the attorney member who will represent the 2nd District on the Judicial Nominating Commission [JNC]/Commission on Judicial Qualifications for the next three years.

Ballots are due back by 4 PM on Nov. 18th. At 4 PM on Nov. 18th the Clerk of the Court will count the ballots.

The winner will assume the seat now held by Lee Christie, Esq., which expires on Dec. 31, 2016.

As I wrote in this August 22, 2016 ILB post, the coming three years are especially important. At least one Supreme Court and probably two or more Court of Appeals vacancies are anticipated.

In addition, a vote on who will be the Chief Justice will occur near the end of the three-year term of this new JNC member. Art. 7, Sec. 3 of the Indiana Constitution provides:

"The Chief Justice of the State shall be selected by the judicial nominating commission from the members of the Supreme Court and he [sic.] shall retain that office for a period of five years, subject to reappointment in the same manner ..."
There are three candidates on the 2016 ballot for the 2nd District attorney representative (links are to their law firm biographies):Here is a copy of the biographical material and statements provided by the candidates that accompany the ballot.

Here is a chart showing all attorneys who have served on the JNC/CJQ since its inception in 1972. Shaded names indicates members who have been elected at least twice. Members may not serve consecutive terms.

The "James Young" on the chart, who served the 2nd District from 2005 through 2007, is, as noted in his bio, the same "James H. Young" on this year's ballot.

ILB Comment. Notable when looking at the list of all the attorneys over the past 45 years who have been elected by their peers to represent Indiana attorneys on the commission that selects state-wide judges/justices and that disciplines Indiana judges is that not one of them has been a woman, although very well-qualified women have run in the past two elections.

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