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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ind. Courts - Still more on "7th Circuit can make civil rights history for gay and lesbian employees" [Updated]

Here is the direct link to today's en banc oral argument in Kimberly Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College. It is 55 minutes long. (The ILB earlier was confused by the 22-minute audio of the 3-judge panel oral argument).

All 9 active judges on the 7th Circuit participated, along with (as the rules provide) the two senior status judges who were on the original panel. This leaves only Senior Judge Manion as a non-participant. So the lineup today was: Wood, Bauer, Posner, Flaum, Easterbrook, Ripple, Kanne, Rovner, Williams, Sykes, and Hamilton.

In trying to distinguish the voices, be aware that the judges who didn't ask questions were Judges Flaum, Ripple, and Bauer (the latter two have senior status and were on the original panel).

The female questioners are Chief Judge Wood, Judges Williams, Sykes and Rovner (Rovner BTW was on the original panel and asked all the questions at that time).

The male judges' voices are Easterbrook, Posner, and Hamilton. (Update: And Kanne, sorry)

[Updated 12/6/16]
Here is a key to identifying the speakers in the Hively en banc argument, courtesy of Equality Case Files.

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