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Friday, January 27, 2017

Law - "Trump's regulation freeze makes losers out of some U.S. businesses"

Lorraine Woellert reports for Politico in a long story that begins:

President Donald Trump’s quick suspension of new federal regulations has triggered some unintended consequences: sudden pain and deeper uncertainty for a broad array of U.S. businesses.

Oil and gas companies, ethanol producers, real estate agents and small farmers are among those that could be hurt by the regulatory freeze. Some are lobbying to preserve regulations that Trump put on hold.

“I want him and whoever’s in his Cabinet to look at what the rules are saying,” said Eric Hedrick, a West Virginia chicken farmer trying to save an Obama-era rule. “Don’t just say that it’s another regulation. Look at what it says. Look at what the rule will do for farmers and ranchers across the country.”

The sweeping executive order, signed hours after the president’s inauguration, was intended to help American businesses by halting rules developed in the waning days of the Obama administration. Trump later vowed to cut regulations by 75 percent.

While many businesses are cheering Trump’s sprint to deregulate, the reaction from some corners of the business landscape underscores how complicated the issue is. For every government regulation, there are winners as well as losers.

ILB readers may recall a similar controversy in Indiana earlier this month, with posts such as "Pence could leave state with no energy standards for buildings" and "Troubling lapse: State loses sight of fairground tragedy lessons", culminating with this Jan. 9th post, headed "Editorial: Ideology shouldn’t trump safety."

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