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Monday, February 06, 2017

Ind. Gov't. - "There are three bills in the House and Senate that would restrict womens' access to abortion"

Although House Bill 1134, sponsored by Goshen Republican Rep. Curt Nisly, which would totally ban abortion, will not get a hearing this session, Fatima Hussein of the Indianapolis Star reports that three other abortion-related bills are pending:

Currently in Indiana there are three bills in the House and Senate that would restrict womens' access to abortion:

Senate Bill 404, authored by Sens. Erin Houchin, Travis Holdman and Jeff Raatz, would impose restrictions on minors seeking abortions by removing, in some cases, a judge’s ability to ensure their privacy. Along with requiring parental consent, the bill would make it a criminal offense for a physician or a religious leader to counsel a minor on whether or not to have an abortion.

House Bill 1128, authored by Rep. Ronald Bacon, would require that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing before a chemical abortion that the procedure could be reversed or stopped.

Senate Bill 118, authored by Sens. Dennis Kruse and Liz Brown, would require a mandatory ultrasound before an abortion, and, notably, the bill would require the pregnant woman to view the fetal ultrasound imaging and listen to fetal sounds. Currently women can opt out of this procedure.

Opponents say the bills serve no medical purpose and their sole purpose is to restrict women's access to abortion. "These bills are so unnecessary and don't contribute to the safety of the procedure," said Sue Ellen Braunlin, co-director of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice.

"The bill affecting minors is really worrisome," Braunlin said, because it removes an opportunity for judges to waive parental notice for young women who are at-risk in their own home.

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