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Monday, March 20, 2017

Ind. Courts - "Future judges, U.S. attorneys in the making"

That is the headline of Bill Dolan's NWI Times story today, which supplements this ILB post of March 14th. Some quotes from reporter Dolan's story:

HAMMOND — Indiana's newest U.S. senator is taking a central role in making long-term changes to the face of federal courts of Indiana.

Only months after scoring an upset victory over Evan Bayh, Republican U.S. Sen. Todd Young has taken office in time to nominate several individuals vying to be federal court judges, U.S. attorneys and U.S. marshals here and in Indianapolis.

Jay Kenworthy, a spokesman for Young, said Friday the senator and his staff are consulting with attorneys and judges before forwarding his choices to President Donald Trump for appointment and the U.S. Senate for confirmation. * * *

Indiana has or is about to have judicial vacancies in the federal courthouses in Hammond, South Bend and Fort Wayne as well as Indianapolis, and on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

The U.S. Court website indicates U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen, who has been on the bench since 2007, is scheduled to attain senior status, a form of semi-retirement, Sept. 29, which likely will trigger a court vacancy.

U.S. District Court Clerk Robert Trgovich said Friday that Judge Robert Miller Jr. in South Bend, who has served since 1986, became a senior judge more than a year ago, which created a vacancy.

He said a judicial vacancy is anticipated in Fort Wayne, although no judge has yet announced plans to retire or become senior judge.

Kenworthy said Young's staff sent notices of the vacancies to the state bar association of lawyers and the prosecuting attorneys association several weeks ago.

As posted in the ILB Feb. 28th post, a judicial emergency declared in the Southern District of Indiana, "by virtue of an existing judicial vacancy and a weighted filing in excess of 600 per Judgeship," has caused the the Judicial Conference of the United States to announce that via a 3-month pilot agreement, "a discrete number of civil case assignments from the Indianapolis case assignment wheel" will be presided over by two judges in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

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