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Monday, March 06, 2017

Ind. Gov't. - Legislative Services Agency turns 50 tomorrow

I received an invitation a few weeks back - the LSA is having a reception tomorrow, March 7, 2017, celebrating 50 years of nonpartisan service.

Unfortunately, a long-scheduled appointment will keep me from attending.

Congratulations to the LSA!

And I can't resist a little history.

I was "present at the creation." In 1965, after my first semester at what was then IU-Indianapolis Law School, entirely a night school, located at the Maennerchor Building, I sought a "law-related" job. Dean Kent Frandsen (father of Kent Frandsen) told me the General Assembly was looking for a couple interns. I went over and interviewed with several legislators, including Jim Plaskett, and got a job. There were a two or three other interns, I remember Mel Richards from Noblesville, who showed me the ropes. The staffing entity was called the Legislative Advisory Committee, and was headed by an executive secretary, Mary Lausch.

Separate from the LAC was the Public Law office, run by Sam Lesh. Bills were drafted and typed there. Big heavy duty manual typewriters pounded out the originals and seven copies (using carbon paper). Xerox had not yet been invented, and neither had the Selectric typewriter.

Some time after I began working at LAC, the staff was expanded greatly with the addition of about a dozen Ford Foundation scholars. The General Assembly met only every other year back then. In 1967, the LSA was created, replacing the LAC and Public Law.

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