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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vacancy On Supreme Court 2017 - Day 1: Report On Interview #3, Ms. Jaime M. Oss

This is Prof. Joel Schumm's report on the 3rd interview of Day 1

Ms. Jaime M. Oss, La Porte (photo) (application)

Chief Justice Rush opened by asking about experience, and Ms. Oss discussed her experience with insurance coverage and civil litigation over the past thirteen and a half years. Although she does not have much experience in criminal law, her civil experience would carry over. Chief Justice Rush asked about the Court’s unique Rule 7(B) authority to revise sentences, and Ms. Oss said she had not looked at it.

In response to a question from Mr. Feighner about learning from past experience, Ms. Oss discussed a wrongful death case that included issues of paternity. She said she was not upset that she lost after having the unfortunate task of arguing that paternity was not properly established. She learned that we do not always get to pick our clients, and it is sometimes not bad to lose.

In response to a question from Ms. Kitchell about absurd results from interpreting a statute, Ms. Oss said we need to follow the legislature’s intent, which might require looking at other public policy considerations. The Court’s job is not to change something that is straightforward. Mr. Berger later followed up, and Ms. Oss said she would look at such things as committee reports to try to find support for an interpretation that avoids an absurd result. Mr. Yakym and Mr. Feighner also followed up with questions regarding statutory interpretation. When asked if the Supreme Court could raise a constitutional issue sua sponte, Ms. Oss said she believed the challenge needed to begin in the trial court.

In response to Ms. Long’s query about a question Ms. Oss would ask the founding fathers, Ms. Oss said she did not have one because they were brilliant in creating a government that allows each branch limited authority.

In response to a question from Mr. Young about the role of the jury, Ms. Oss said the jury system was a hallmark of our system and jury verdicts should be entitled to great deference.

In response to a question from Chief Justice Rush about mandatory pro bono, Ms. Oss said it was a “tough question” and that one option might be to allow those in areas difficult for pro bono work to instead contribute to fund legal services.

In response to a question about business climate, Ms. Oss identified the importance of commercial courts.

When asked about something not in her binder that she’s proud of, Ms. Oss identified her children, who are growing up to be wonderful people. She’s also very proud of her professional work and reputation of getting along well with everyone.

In response to a hypothetical question about her first year on the Court and best day ever, Ms. Oss pointed to the Court’s important administrative work and identified Adoption Day, which was highlighted in the Court’s annual report.

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