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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vacancy On Supreme Court 2017 - Day 2: Report On Interview #15, Mr. Dale W. Arnett

This is Prof. Joel Schumm's report on the 15th interview of Day 2

Mr. Dale W. Arnett, Winchester (photo) (application)

Mr. Arnett fell in love with the Constitution in law school, and 50% of his practice since has been as a public defender. Someone recently told him he was as qualified as anyone to apply for the Court because of his work with constitutional law. He said the biggest challenge would be “to get it right every time.”

Mr. Arnett described his judicial philosophy was that the laws at all levels need to be as “fair” as possible to everyone. He said judges need to be open-minded and listen to everyone on every side. We are a nation of laws and need to follow laws, and he is not a big fan of judicial activism.

Mr. Arnett recounted that Justice Scalia was appointed to the Court while he was in law school, and his legal fraternity was named after him. Although he did not always agree with Justice Scalia, his opinions were well-written. When Mr. Feighner mentioned watching Justice Scalia’s funeral, Mr. Arnett said he cried.

In response to a question about interpreting the constitution, he would be guided by plain language and stare decisis.

In response to a question from Mr. Berger, Mr. Arnett said Article 1 of the Indiana Constitution would apply to non-citizens in addition of citizens.

In response to a question about administrative work, Mr. Arnett conceded he did not know much about the administrative arm of the Court. He has seen Justice David at seminars and knows the justices are the face of the Court.

In response to a question about people skills, Mr. Arnett discussed his ability to listen and empathize with people. He said needs to keep working on his public speaking.

When asked what he would ask the founding fathers, Mr. Arnett said he would ask if they thought it was really going to last.

In response to the final question from Ms. Kitchell, Mr. Arnett returned to Justice Scalia, who he said “hit a home run” in his opinion in the “gay marriage” case.

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