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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vacancy On Supreme Court 2017 - Day 18: Report On Interview #20, Mr. Bryce D. Owens

This is Prof. Joel Schumm's report on the 20th, and final, interview of the first round

Mr. Bryce D. Owens, Pendleton (photo) (application)

In response to a question about filling the shoes of Justice Rucker, Mr. Owens said he does not pretend he could fill Justice Rucker’s shoes. Mr. Owens said he has “basically twelve years left,” which he would like to spend as a sprint to help get the work of the Court done.

In response to a question about improving the court system, Mr. Owens noted the need for the Court to be a leader. He said it is important to bring more people into the process so they understand the process, which is being done with traveling oral arguments. He noted concern about individuals with minor injuries being able to bring their cases because of the cost of experts. He suggested for cases under $25,000 that individuals might be allowed to present their medical bills to seek compensation.

In response to a question about a justice he would emulate, Mr. Owens cited Justice Douglas, who advocated for the small person, which he said it important because the Court is the last arbiter.

Mr. Owens said he would stay in his current residence, about one hour from the Court, if selected. His application noted that he lives “on a small farm. We have llamas, alpacas and a variety of other animals.”

In response to a question about the duties of the Court, Mr. Owens said he is reflective, contemplative, and a good listener.

Mr. Owens believes a dissent can be important and is written for the benefit of the bar. The purpose is not to get at anybody but it is important to illustrate the difference of opinion on an issue.

Mr. Feighner returned to the Justice Douglas response, and asked about the right to privacy and role of the Indiana Supreme Court. He noted the importance of protecting some sphere of privacy, even in an era when many people expose a great deal of information on social media.

In response to a question about a significant case, Mr. Owens recited Brown v. Board of Education. He noted it took many years to get to the point that separate is not equal. The case is important because it advances society and incorporates everyone.

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