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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vacancy On Supreme Court 2017 - Commission selects 11 finalists for second interview

Here is the official news release:

The Judicial Nominating Commission named 11 finalists for the 110th Supreme Court judicial position. The Commission conducted public interviews of twenty applicants March 21-22. The following applicants will be invited to second interviews with the JNC in April:

Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael, Clark Circuit Court 4
Hon. Peter R. Foley, Morgan Superior Court 1
Hon. Christopher M. Goff, Wabash Superior Court
Hon. Maria D. Granger, Floyd Superior Court 3
Ms. Elizabeth C. Green, Indianapolis, Indiana
Ms. Leslie C. Henderzahs, Fishers, Indiana
Hon. Steven L. Hostetler, St. Joseph Superior Court
Hon. Matthew C. Kincaid, Boone Superior Court 1
Mr. William N. Riley, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Peter J. Rusthoven, Indianapolis, Indiana
Rep. Thomas W. Washburne, Evansville, Indiana

On May 12, 2017 Justice Robert D. Rucker will retire from the five-member Supreme Court. According to the Indiana Constitution and state statute, the seven-member Commission must recruit and select candidates to fill the vacancy on the state’s highest court. Applications and photographs of judges and lawyers who were interviewed for the position are available online. The Commission considers applicants’ legal education, writings, reputation in the practice of law, and other pertinent information.

The Commission will interview the 11 finalists April 17-19. The Commission will then publicly vote to send three nominees to the Governor who has 60 days to select Indiana's next justice.

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