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Monday, April 10, 2017

Ind. Gov't. - A thought on: "Should you have to pay $20 an hour for a public records search?"

As the ILB wrote earlier:

There is no evidence, other than anecdotal, that a bill like this is needed to prevent perceived abuses by the public of their right to access governmental records.

Perhaps there should be some sort of research done before a law like this is enacted, such as requiring governmental officials to track the time it takes them now to fill public records requests. This might reveal where governmental processes currently are operating inefficiently, bottlenecks, duplication, etc.

Alternatively, the proposal should include a way for the public to challenge the amount assessed for a public records request. Under this bill there is no requirement, or indeed, any encouragement for a public official to fill a records request in the most efficient way possible.

It strikes me that digging into the perceived need for this bill, gathering any evidence, would be a great project for a group of young journalism students ...

Posted by Marcia Oddi on April 10, 2017 02:22 PM
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