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Friday, April 14, 2017

Ind. Law - "Hammond police nab man after introducing new technology"

Sarah Reese reported yesterday in the NWI Times:

HAMMOND — Police began using a new technology intended to target possible criminal activity and within an hour arrested a man carrying a loaded gun on drug charges, according to a news release.

Two Hammond police cars equipped with license plate readers hit the streets Friday. LPRs scan passing license plates and alert officers of any potential violations.

The car-mounted LPRs are the first to arrive in Hammond, which plans to install more than 30 additional pole-mounted cameras later this spring, officials said.

On Friday, within the first hour on the road, an LPRs automated system alerted police that the registered owner of a vehicle near them had a suspended driver's license, according to a statement from Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.

Police completed a manual check, confirming the information, and noticed the description of the owner matched the driver of the vehicle. Police stopped the vehicle in the 6500 block of Indianapolis Boulevard.

Police smelled marijuana after approaching the driver and saw a bag of suspected marijuana near him, the release said.

The driver was arrested, and police found a loaded pistol in his waistband with an extended magazine with 22 rounds of ammunition and laser-sighting device, officials said.

Here is a 2012 NWI Times story about when Portage got the same equipment.

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